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18 Responses to Meri Bassi

  1. hari subedi usa bhutaneses refugee says:

    toooooo———– good

  2. arzuna subedi says:

    its too good n intresting

  3. arzuna subedi says:

    its so intresting n popular among all public.i used to watch through internet.

  4. Xital says:

    very nice and complicated … i enjoy this serial sooo much
    god bless yuh all the team of this serial …
    pragati gardai janu yehi chh hajur harulai suvakamana

  5. kanchi says:

    it is really good serial and funny. nepali song is really good and this website help us to know the what? is going on in nepal and i enjoy it is very cool and complicated serial i love that serial i hope your gonna make that serial so much funny. god bless you all of the serial team and like that serial could make nepal sucess
    subakamana cha hajur harula ra dherai try garnu hola( bhana hamilai lagi rako cha)( la haita maila kai bhana sakina choda bel city ma basara)

  6. Amit khada says:

    it is very nice comedy serial…most of my free time ..i used to watch by internet…i hope in future..this comedy will bring new story..

  7. meri bassai,,,to some extent is good n enjoyable but sometime its very irritable

  8. Dineshgrg says:

    Keep it up .

  9. SALON DAHAL says:


  10. BhuAsma says:

    Mere Bassai Family – Beginning Comedy Stars

  11. Anjal says:

    This program show is very nice i love this team and i hope u will keep going and more and more succese in fature god bless this team mamber, i like very much magne buda and kadka ji

  12. govindathapa says:

    meribassai is very nice.

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