Info: It is a non-political situational comedy with rustic characters, and environment typical of any Nepali village. The base of the drama would be stories based in the village and is expected to be a getaway from mushrooming serials, which use bodily gestures as act of comedy.

22 Responses to Harke Haldar

  1. arjun says:

    i like harke hallaar

  2. Sagar says:

    Mata ta heriranchu ni ta harke haldar

  3. shailes says:

    जे होस् हर्के हल्दार हेर्दा नहासी बस्न सकिन्न । रमाइलो छ यो कमेडी कार्यक्रम मन पर्‍यो

  4. ramesh says:

    i love harke haldear today com harke haldar \

  5. rabin says:

    i love harka haldhar its very intersting for the kids aswell its nice serial

  6. Jayram sunar says:

    I like this proglam

  7. Jayram sunar says:

    Harke halldar mali.man parcha dhanya bahyd canadanepal.net parevar lai….

  8. rocky says:

    harke le hasau chha,,,,,,,,,,,harke ko bahine,seriously love u soo much will u marry me

  9. lekhos says:

    I.like to harke haldar,meri basai, jirekharsaani programs.

  10. durga neupane says:

    i like it harke haldar

  11. govinda says:

    i like Harke haldar comeyde so..

  12. mukesh tamu says:

    i like harke haldar……

  13. Lachhuman says:

    This program was really nice but they used to repeat eposide in this day, this kinds of work doen by them was I didn’t like. I wanna request that please make sure those eposide doesn’t repeat again….

  14. dilli acharya says:

    ani khoi ta naya apposite khali puranu matrai nayanaulo khoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…………….

  15. diwas gautam says:

    i like harka halldar.

  16. dewan rai says:

    हर्के हल्दार कार्यक्रम त साह्रै राम्मेा लाग्येा तर , प्रत्यक हप्ता परीर्वटन नभएर अलिक चाहाना कम भइरहेकेा छ,, अरू सव ठिकै छ

  17. govinda says:

    ,, when we at international country we stay we well all happy when we see harka halldar but why allways same part reapet? who is the managemant the harka, why dont have any new story pls if you need help just emila me thanks do your best !! from dubai!!

  18. SALON DAHAL says:


  19. niru thapa says:

    liks this n …….

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