5 Responses to Wheel No Tension

  1. udaya says:

    i like but it is fun or it is funny men i like it i Am Liston everyday but i like deepak jii he make a so funny

  2. Mahesh Adhikari says:

    No tension really?
    Kun baar au6 yo program?
    K sanga related program ho?
    Ani k hun6 yo program ma?
    Is there any program 2 say muktak?

    • Nikesh ( gh) says:

      Yo program sukra baar 8 to 9 bagi au6 ani yo programme ma deepak raj geri & deepa sheri cha any how u have to listen this program plz this is very intrest an fun also I hope all listen this pro and I glade of all Im from beldangi 1 ok by by thanx of listen no mora sachi dabya le sache ferry datha ko sath chutu bhandai yo letter yae tunguchu dhandabath have a great day ….. An one thing u have to call this number 720 429 3397

  3. ramesh says:

    but yo web site ma kina euta song matrai hunchha keep it new time to time

  4. Kamal Ghataney says:

    program raamro Cha

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